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Top 10 Kanpur Mom Influencers: Parenting Stories and Advice

1.Isha Khullar :@mommytomishkaa

   Followers: 66.6K

   Instagram :

Intro :Isha Khullar, a versatile digital creator, finds inspiration in books, coffee, and travel. Balancing the realms of parenting and creativity, she shares insights on all things related to family life. As a proud mother to Mishkaa & Mehr, she brings her unique perspective to her content. Additionally, she is an author and self-proclaimed Potterhead, adding layers of depth and imagination to her storytelling. 

2.Somya Tandon :@littlethingsaboutmylife

   Followers :105K

   Instagram :

Intro :Somya Tandon, a Kanpur native, serves as the ultimate digital guide to her city. Through her content, she unveils the essence of Kanpur, offering insights into its culture, attractions, and hidden gems. As a local guide, she navigates the streets with ease, showcasing the beauty and charm of Kanpur to her audience. 

3.Dipika Dixit :@motherstories_by_deepika

   Followers :33K

   Instagram :

Intro :Dipika Dixit, a multifaceted mom blogger and digital creator, wears many hats with grace. As an educationist and Kathak performer, she brings depth to her content on positive parenting, travel, and lifestyle. Based in India, she shares her insights and experiences, offering valuable perspectives to her audience. 

4.Kanika Bhatia :@kanikakhannabhatia

   Followers :21.5K

   Instagram :

Intro :Kanika Bhatia, a dedicated mom and lifestyle influencer, shines in her role as a mother of two. Based in Mumbai and Delhi, she’s the founder of @navimumbaidivas. Through her digital presence, she shares invaluable parenting recommendations, tips, and personal experiences. Additionally, she curates kids-friendly travel content, enriching the lives of families everywhere. 

5.Silky Puri :@mommytravelstories

   Followers :233K

   Instagram :

Intro :Silky Puri, a nurturing mom and digital creator, embraces the joys of travel and lifestyle. With a passion for motivating others to pursue their dreams, she spreads positivity and encouragement. Her inspiring journey has been featured on prominent platforms like @cntravellerindia, @thequint, @officialhumansofbombay, and @curly.tales, amplifying her message of empowerment to a broader audience. 

6.Supriya Katiyar :@katiyarsupriya

   Followers :105K

   Instagram :

Intro :Supriya Katiyar, a dynamic digital creator, seamlessly blends fashion, travel, and lifestyle content. With a keen eye for style and beauty, she inspires her audience with her unique perspective. As an Amazon verified influencer, she curates products and experiences that resonate with her followers, enriching their lives with her recommendations. 

7.Anita Gupta : @yourregularmom

   Followers :189K

   Instagram :

Intro :Anita Gupta, a creative digital creator, infuses humor and family dynamics into her content. Renowned for her desi version of Hogwarts portraits, she brings a touch of magic to her audience. As a mom to @guddi.anita and @chabigupta, she navigates the intricacies of family life with wit and charm, delighting her followers with relatable and comedic content. 

8.YASHIKA :@the.unfilteredstories

   Followers :20.1K

   Instagram :

Intro :Yashika, an embodiment of self-confidence, embraces authenticity with her mantra “Be you, the world will adjust.” Based in Kanpur, she curates content focusing on food, fitness, and fashion. Her vibrant personality shines through her posts, inspiring others to lead a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. 

9.Garima Bansal :@mommylilworld

   Followers :140K

   Instagram :

Intro :Garima Bansal, a prolific digital creator, wears many hats as a lifestyle and parenting Indian mom blogger. Juggling motherhood with grace, she shares insights and experiences covering lifestyle, food, parenting, and education. As a mom of two, she offers invaluable advice and inspiration to her followers. Recognized as a top mom influencer for four consecutive years, her impact resonates within the digital community.

10.Namrata Kalia :@namrata_momzandmore

     Followers :103K

     Instagram :

Intro :Namrata Kalia, a vibrant digital creator, adds humor and insight to the realms of parenting, comedy, and lifestyle. As the founder of the Facebook mom group “Momz And More,” boasting 60,000 Indian moms, she fosters a supportive community. Additionally, as an Amazon creator, she curates products and experiences tailored to her audience’s needs.

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