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Top 10 Kanpur Food Bloggers: Food Adventures and Culinary Explorations

1.Kanpur Food Blogger :@kanpurfoodblogger

   Followers :241K

   Instagram  :

Intro :“Kanpur-based food bloggers on a mission to explore the world of deliciousness, one plate at a time. Join us as we travel, taste, and review the best culinary experiences! 

2.Gokul Garg :@kanpurfoodexplorers

   Followers :54K

   Instagram :

Intro :”Gokul Garg: Kanpur’s ultimate food and drinks connoisseur! Follow for the latest updates on the city’s culinary scene. Don’t forget to tag #kanpurfoodexplorers in your delicious food pics! 

3.Tushar Gupta :@mr.foodiiie

   Followers :221K

   Instagram :

Intro :“Tushar Gupta: Your go-to Kanpur food blogger, explorer, and digital creator! Catch his daily #minivlog showcasing the best of Kanpur. From food photography 📸 to business ventures, he’s your guide to the city’s culinary delights. 

4.Nupur :@my_kitchenn_diaries

   Followers :179K

   Instagram :

Intro :“Nupur: Your kitchen guru from Kanpur! Discover easy and quick recipes to spice up your meals. Follow for culinary inspiration and delicious creations straight from Kanpur!

5.KRATI JAISWAL :@foodoniac

   Followers :93.5K

   Instagram :

Intro :“Krati Jaiswal: Bridging the flavors of Kanpur and Lucknow through her digital creations. With a passion for food and travel, she shares her love through captivating content. Don’t miss her award-winning BOI Reels!

6.Saumya :@__gourmetgal__

   Followers :3,390

   Instagram :

Intro :“Saumya: Kanpur’s beloved food blogger and public figure. Follow her food adventures across the city and beyond. As a YouTuber and influencer, she brings you the best of culinary delights.

7.SNEHA SRIVASTAVA : @foodie.me1.0

   Followers :2,309

   Instagram :

Intro :“Sneha Srivastava: Your go-to Kanpur food blogger extraordinaire! Follow her for mouthwatering food experiences and culinary insights straight from Kanpur’s vibrant food scene.

8.Rajat :@that_ghumakkad_foodie

   Followers :1,187

   Instagram :

Intro :“Rajat: Kanpur’s spirited food blogger spreading positivity with a touch of Radhe Radhe! Follow along for a journey of resilience and discovery in the world of food.

9.Aman :@arey.aman.tu

   Followers :2,089

   Instagram :

Intro :“Aman: Kanpur’s food explorer on a quest for culinary treasures! Follow along as he uncovers hidden gems and savors the essence of Kanpur’s diverse food culture.

10.Nalini Sharma

     Followers :186K

    Instagram :

Intro :“Nalini Sharma: Kanpur’s dynamic digital creator, serving up engaging content across platforms. With over 82k subscribers on YouTube, she’s your go-to for captivating content. Join her journey for a dose of inspiration and entertainment! 

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