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Top 10 Macro Influencers and Bloggers

1.Shenaz Treasury: @shenaztreasury

Followers : 1.1M

Instagram :

Intro :Shenaz Treasury, an Indian actress, model, and travel vlogger, boasts over 1 million Instagram followers, making her one of India’s top macro influencers. Renowned for her captivating travel videos, she explores diverse destinations worldwide, inspiring her audience with each adventure. Additionally, Shenaz collaborates with brands, effectively boosting their awareness and sales through her engaging content.

2.Radhika Seth :@radhikasethh

Followers :1.1M

Instagram :

Intro: Radhika Seth, a sought-after Indian fashion and lifestyle influencer, boasts over 1 million Instagram followers, celebrated for her impeccable style. Her content showcases diverse outfits and accessories, accompanied by styling tips. Brands frequently partner with Radhika to promote their products, leveraging her influence to boost awareness and sales.

3.Tanuj Virwani: @tanujvirwani

Followers :1.3M

Instagram :

Intro : Tanuj Virwani, Indian actor and model with 1.1 million Instagram followers, renowned for his charm and style. Regularly promotes products, boosting brand awareness and sales. Admirers see him as a fashion and lifestyle role model.

4.Vikram Singh Chauhan :@vikramsingh_chauhan

Followers :1M

Instagram :

Intro : Vikram Singh Chauhan, renowned actor and influencer, commands a following of over 1 million on Instagram. With notable roles in TV shows like “Jaana Na Dil Se Door” and “Ek Deewana Tha,” he’s admired for his charm, looks, and acting prowess. Vikram’s content includes daily life snippets, fitness routines, and behind-the-scenes glimpses. His collaborations with various brands have elevated him as a sought-after figure in fashion and lifestyle circles.

5.Shivangi Verma : @shivangi2324

Followers :1.5M

Instagram :

Intro :Shivangi Verma, beauty influencer and founder of “The Creative Shop,” a digital agency focusing on social media management and content creation. With 1 million Instagram followers, she’s renowned for makeup tutorials, skincare advice, and product reviews. Collaborating with leading beauty brands like Lakme and Maybelline, she’s solidified her status as one of India’s top beauty bloggers.

6.Anunay Sood: @anunaysood

Followers :1.1M

Instagram :

Intro : Anunay Sood, travel influencer and photographer with 1 million Instagram followers, renowned for stunning photography featured in publications like National Geographic. Sharing travel experiences and tips, he’s collaborated with top brands like Airbnb and MakeMyTrip, solidifying his status as a leading travel influencer in India.

7.Aakanksha Monga: @aakanksha.monga

Followers :953K

Instagram :

Intro :Aakanksha Monga, fashion and lifestyle influencer with 535k Instagram followers, renowned for trendy style, beauty routines, and travel adventures. Collaborating with top brands, she’s a leading fashion blogger in India.

8.Soumya Gupta: @thesassthing_

Followers : 891K

Instagram :

Intro : Soumya Gupta, beauty and lifestyle influencer with 880k Instagram followers, renowned for makeup tutorials, skincare advice, and product reviews. Collaborating with top brands, she educates her audience on makeup and skincare.

9.Santoshi Shetty: @santoshishetty

Followers : 730K

Instagram :

Intro :Santoshi Shetty, fashion and lifestyle influencer with 745k Instagram followers, famed for her bohemian and edgy style. Sharing outfit snaps, travel adventures, and beauty tips. Collaborations with top brands like H&M, Forever New, and Sephora. Renowned as one of India’s leading fashion bloggers, she’s also launched her fashion label, “The Style Edge.”

10.Shivani Singh: @shivani.singhh

Followers :842K

Instagram :

Intro :Shivani Singh, Mumbai-based fashion and lifestyle influencer, boasts 815k Instagram followers, establishing a significant presence in the fashion scene. Regular collaborations with brands, showcasing trendy outfits, travel, and food. Renowned for chic and trendy content, she’s a go-to influencer for Indian fashion enthusiasts.

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