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Top 10 Nano Influencers and Bloggers

1.Avish sharma : @avishsharma_

Followers : 24.8K

Instagram :

Intro :Avish Sharma, a singer-songwriter based in Auckland, New Zealand, is a nano influencer primarily known for his Hindi music, catering to a youthful audience, especially in India. With 30K YouTube subscribers and consistent engagement, he’s an ideal choice for brands targeting a younger demographic.

2.Sahiba Kaur: @sahiba_sethi

Followers : 4,105


Intro :Sahiba, a fashion and lifestyle influencer from New Delhi, shares fashion and makeup content on Instagram. With 4248 followers, she collaborates with brands like @hokmakeup, @milanicosmetics, @mynyka, etc. Known for elegant dresses and subtle makeup looks, her posts average 4k+ views.

3.Krupa :@ishtyleawhile

Followers :8,601

Instagram :

Intro :Krupa, a chemistry tutor and content creator from Chennai, India, shares health, fitness, and styling tips on Instagram. Apart from teaching, she reviews products, offers hairstyle advice, and manages two successful blogs. Her main blog, “ishtyle awhile,” focuses on saree styling, while “iris montage,” launched in 2017, is a food blog.

4.Shoraye Khatter : @shoraye_khatter

Followers : 7,609

Instagram :

Intro :Meet Shoraye Khatter, an Indian-born multi-talented influencer based in New South Wales, Australia. He’s a nano fashion influencer, model, choreographer, actor, and former TV presenter. Shoraye has excelled in Australian modeling, film, and music industries, showcasing versatility and talent. His journey to stardom continues as he constantly seeks new opportunities and knowledge.

5.Devika Dugga :@thefashionalgorithm

Followers : 6,394


Intro : Devika Duggal, a fashion influencer based in New Delhi, manages “thefashionalgorithm” on Instagram. She educates on health, exercise, skincare, and beauty products while advocating for environmental preservation. Her content includes clothing hauls, nutritional advice, and travel updates featuring exotic destinations. Additionally, she showcases fashion products and accessories that catch her eye.

6.Pratap J :@pixelshooter

Followers :6,910

Instagram :

Intro :Pratap J, based in Bangalore, is a multi-talented travel photographer, drone pilot, and time-lapse specialist. Since 2006, he’s been sharing his captivating landscape pictures and travel stories on, continuously updating his portfolio with new images from exotic locations. His YouTube channel features drone flying, Lightroom tutorials, and product reviews. Brands in the photography industry can collaborate with him for reviews and unboxing videos.

7.Saanchi Shetty : @saanchishetty9

Followers :49.2K

Instagram :

Intro : Saanchi Shetty: Nutrition consultant, diabetic educator, Inch loss expert, Yoga Instructor, and sports/kids nutritionist. Panelist on CNBC’s Awaaz and Zee Business. Advocates for healthy lifestyles and creates customized Indian Vedic diet plans. Assists athletes in optimizing performance through nutrient-rich food choice

8.Smridhi Oberoi :@smridhiioberoi

Followers :135K

Instagram :

Intro:Smridhii, an Indian nano influencer, specializes in fashion, lifestyle, and beauty content on Instagram. With 8802 followers, she collaborates with brands like Jutti Express, Papayawhimps, House of Chikankari, and more. Engages followers through Q&A sessions with a 6.21% engagement rate.

9.Gaurav Kotian: @gauravglassharper

Followers :11.6K 

Instagram :

Intro :Gaurav Kotian: India’s first glass harpist and nano music influencer. YouTube channel features covers, original music, tutorials, vlogs, and collaborations. Invited to play at prominent events nationwide, gaining exposure for organizers.

10.Kashish Kumari : @kashis_kumari25

Followers :2,981


Intro :Kashish, a fashion and lifestyle influencer and Co-Founder of ‘Decorating Themes’ event planning company. Self-made figure in the fashion industry, showcasing Western and Indian clothing styles. Collaborates with brands like Aeraeye, Bagfiesta, Oziva, Whisper India, etc. Promotes brands of all sizes to her 2,475 followers.

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