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Top 10 Nagpur Lifestyle Influencers: Lifestyle Trends and Insights

1.Ruchika Asatkar :@ruchika_asatkar

   Followers :258K

   Instagram :

Intro :“Ruchika Asatkar: A blogger with a passion for food, travel, and lifestyle, navigating the vibrant scenes of Nagpur and Mumbai. With a knack for storytelling, she shares her culinary adventures and travel tales. Featured in Times of India, Hindustan Times, and more, she’s a trusted source for all things delightful!

2.Shivani  :@thestylishwitch

    Followers :39.3K

   Instagram :

Intro :“Shivani Fashion Lifestyle: A digital creator redefining influence through curves and style. From setting street style trends to offering glimpses into lifestyle, she’s a force in the fashion world. Follow for a dose of inspiration and trendsetting looks!

3.Ashish Sherekar :@ashish.sherekar_

   Followers :78.5K

   Instagram :

Intro :“Ashish Sherekar: Nagpur’s lifestyle influencer, blending the best of food and travel experiences. Follow for a curated journey through the finer things in life!

4.Shrihitt :@shrihitt

    Followers :477K

    Instagram :

Intro :“Shrihitt  Transitioning from being Nagpur’s renowned vlogger to making waves in Mumbai’s lifestyle scene. Follow her journey as she brings you the best of both cities’ lifestyles!

5.Ria :@riakriplani 

    Followers :158K

    Instagram :

Intro :“Ria: Your go-to source for fashion and lifestyle inspiration from Nagpur. Follow her personal blog as she shares her journey of manifesting dreams and living her best life! 

6.Shrutali  :@shroodiee

    Followers :9,807

   Instagram :

Intro :”Shrutali: A versatile digital creator from Nagpur, Maharashtra, bringing you the best in food, fashion, lifestyle, and travel. Follow along for a curated blend of delicious eats, stylish trends, and inspiring adventures! 

7.Angel Peter :@angelpeterr_

   Followers :121K

   Instagram :

Intro :“Angel Peter: Nagpur’s multifaceted blogger exploring lifestyle, food, travel, and fashion realms. Follow her journey on @godsownangel_ for a dose of inspiration and glamour!

8.Sanskar Khemani :@sanskarkhemani

    Followers :100K

    Instagram :

Intro :“Sanskar Khemani: A dynamic digital creator based in Nagpur and Mumbai, specializing in crafting captivating content focused on food and lifestyle. Follow his journey for delightful culinary experiences and lifestyle insights! 

9.Shonali S :@diaries_of_shonali

    Followers :30.3K

    Instagram :

Intro :“Shonali S: A prominent Nagpur and Pune-based blogger known for her expertise in food and lifestyle. Follow her for insightful content that captures the essence of both cities!

10.Twinkle Borkar : @girly_n_gluttony

      Followers :65.9K

      Instagram :

Intro :“Twinkle Borkar: Your go-to blogger for food and lifestyle recommendations. Follow for insightful tips and delightful suggestions to enhance your culinary and lifestyle experiences!

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