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Top 10 Pune Beauty Influencers: Beauty Tips and Product Recommendations

1.Triveni :@muatriveni

   Followers :11.5K

   Instagram :

Intro :Triveni is a versatile and renowned makeup artist based in Mumbai and Pune, with a global clientele. Specializing in fashion, commercial, bridal, ads, and event makeup, she brings creativity and expertise to every project. Triveni’s bridal work, showcased on @bridesbymuatriveni, is particularly celebrated for its elegance and attention to detail. Her talent has been recognized in publications like Femina magazine, cementing her status as a leading figure in the industry.

2.Farhan Khan :@fk_hairstylist9191

    Followers :205K

    Instagram :

Intro :@fk_hairstylist9191 is an Instagram profile showcasing the work of a talented hairstylist. With a keen eye for trends and a passion for hair artistry, they offer a range of styles and services to their clients. Based on their portfolio, they excel in creating both classic and contemporary hairstyles, catering to various preferences and occasions. Whether it’s for everyday looks, special events, or editorial shoots, @fk_hairstylist9191 consistently delivers stunning results, earning recognition and admiration from their followers.

3.Shubhangi Tapale :@shubhuuuu

   Followers :8,462

   Instagram :

Intro :@shubhangi_makeover is a highly skilled professional in bridal and fashion makeup, as well as hairstyling. With a passion for enhancing natural beauty and creating stunning transformations, Shubhangi brings creativity and expertise to every project. Her work reflects a blend of traditional elegance and contemporary trends, catering to a diverse clientele. You can catch glimpses of her artistry on Snapchat under the handle shubhu_tapale, where she shares her latest creations and behind-the-scenes moments.

4.Gauri Patil :@gauripatil657

   Followers :7,637

   Instagram :

Intro :Gauri Patil is a talented video creator, known for her captivating content. She holds prestigious titles such as Miss Khopoli 2017, Miss Alibaug 2018, and Miss Mangaon 2019, showcasing her charisma and elegance. As a finalist in Miss International India and Miss Maharashtra 2018, she has made her mark in the pageant world. Gauri’s achievements highlight her versatility and presence both on-screen and on-stage, earning her admiration and recognition.

5.S Gondkar :@goldentouchstudio_makeupartist

   Followers :18.8K

   Instagram :

Intro :S Gondkar is a prolific video creator renowned for her captivating content. Beyond her talents in video creation, she’s also a professional makeup artist and educator, with a notable presence as the founder of @sapnagondkar. Based in Pune, her expertise extends globally, showcasing her skills and knowledge in the makeup industry. With a blend of artistry and education, S Gondkar is a prominent figure, offering inspiration and guidance to makeup enthusiasts worldwide.

6.Lekha Sengar :@iamlekhasengar

    Followers :33.7K

    Instagram :

Intro :Lekha Sengar is a multifaceted content creator specializing in beauty, lifestyle, and couple-related content. She shares her journey alongside her partner, Mayank Chanda, on social media. Lekha not only excels in content creation but also showcases her skills as a makeup artist, particularly noted for her wedding makeup services. In addition to her creative pursuits, she’s also a software developer, reflecting her diverse talents and interests.

7.Amruta Dhawale :@amrutamakeupartist

   Followers :54.3K

   Instagram :

Intro :Amruta Dhawale is a prominent makeup artist known for her expertise in bridal makeup. She owns and operates the Amruta Makeup Studio & Academy, offering education and beauty services. With a focus on bridal makeup, she caters to clients in India and Belgium. Amruta’s work is distinguished by its fusion of traditional and contemporary styles, earning her recognition in the industry. She also collaborates with LuxVanity, showcasing her talent on an international platform.

8.Farzana Jussawalla :@farzu_makeupartist

   Followers :10.7K

   Intro :

Intro :Farzana Jussawalla is a highly skilled makeup and hair artist renowned for her work with brides, photoshoots, and events. Based in Mumbai, she extends her services globally, showcasing her talent and expertise. Farzana’s versatility as an educator adds another dimension to her career, allowing her to share her knowledge and skills with aspiring artists. Her artistry and dedication have earned her a reputation as a sought-after professional in the industry.

9.Aadarsh Dwivedi :@mua_aadarsh

   Followers :78.4K

   Instagram :

Intro :Aadarsh Dwivedi is a renowned makeup artist and educator, known for his expertise in working with celebrities, web series, TV commercials, and bridal makeup. He is the founder of @adauraschoolofmakeup, where he shares his knowledge and skills with aspiring makeup artists. Based in Pune and Mumbai, Aadarsh’s talent and versatility have made him a sought-after name in the industry, both locally and nationally.

10.Omkar Gupta :@coloursmakeover

       Followers :19.3K

       Instagram :

Intro :Omkar Gupta is a celebrated makeup artist renowned for his expertise in celebrity makeup artistry and education. He is the founder of the esteemed *COLOURS MAKEOVER*® Studio & Academy, where he imparts his knowledge to aspiring makeup artists. Based in Mumbai-Pune, Omkar’s work is distinguished by its creativity and precision, making him a trusted name in the industry. His dedication to his craft has earned him admiration and recognition from clients and peers alike.

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