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Top 10 Pune Lifestyle Influencers: Insights and Inspirations

1.Kautuka Shah Gandhi :@kautuka

   Followers :123K

   Instagram :

Intro :Kautuka, a renowned fashion blogger in India, transitioned from Computer Engineering to pursue her passion for fashion and lifestyle blogging in 2016. Known for her unique style and keen interest in travel and lifestyle, she captivates her followers with her personal style statements. With a penchant for photography, she shares her love for it on her personal blog. Kautuka is a dedicated promoter of brands like Nykaa, Fingers, and Evocus, and has collaborated with major names such as Daniel Wellington, Tanishq, Starbucks, Loreal, among others.

2.Natasha Shrotri :@natasha_shrotri

   Followers :125K

   Instagram :

Intro :Natasha Shrotri, a beauty, fashion, and travel blogger, elevates the fashion scene with her glittery Instagram profile and authentic content. Her personal blog showcases her past experiences in lifestyle, beauty, and travel, resonating with a large fan base. Natasha’s authenticity sets her apart and secures her numerous brand collaborations, including Surf Meister, Fossil Watches, and Lux. Notably, she’s been selected for significant projects, with Jaguar being her most prominent endeavor.

3.JUNE BISWAS :@junebiswas

    Followers :112K

    Instagram :

Intro :Ranked fifth among Pune’s top fashion bloggers, June Biswas is a versatile beauty, fashion, and travel blogger. Her Instagram profile offers a comprehensive glimpse into her world, featuring beauty recommendations, comfortable stays, designer outfits, and delectable food. With major brand collaborations including KFC India, Marriott Pune, and Titan Watches India, her content promises diversity and quality. For a unique Instagram experience, check out her profile and hit the follow button!

4.Aashna Bhagwani :@aashna_bhagwani

    Followers :252K

    Instagram :

Intro :Effortlessly defining her fashion quotient and spreading it like wildfire on the digital space is Aashna Bhagwani. Ever since she became a blogger, Aashna has been continuously breaking stereotypes with her confidence and personality. A fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger, she has explored quite a lot since the time she started blogging. Not only she has gained appreciation from all over the country but has been a role model for those facing issues with body image. She has proven that beauty is not subject to size, and has established long term ties with brands like Daniel Wellington, Nubella India, Lever Ayush and Pure Sense.

5.Pranjal Salecha :@thegulabigirl

    Followers :299K

    Instagram :

Intro :Pranjal, a fashionista with a love for travel and lifestyle, showcases her strong personality and classy fashion sense through captivating Instagram posts. As a fashion blogger and brand promoter, she collaborates with Mevo Fit, Oriflame, Vaya, Foreo, Sugar Cosmetics, and more. Following Pranjal promises to elevate your fashion game with a variety of style inspirations and trends to try in real life.

6.Puja Wani :@pujawani

    Followers :26.7K

    Instagram :

Intro :Puja Wani, a young fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger, inspires her audience with creative tips and unique street style fashion. Collaborating with brands like Daniel Wellington, Kayasaa India, and Vanity Cask, she’s gained widespread appreciation nationwide. With her distinctive fashion sense and engaging content, she’s poised to climb to the top of the blogging world.

7.Akansha Bhargava :@akanshabhargavaa

   Followers :112K

   Instagram :

Intro :Akansha, an avid traveller, coder, performer, and fashion enthusiast, showcases her stylish outfits and aesthetic appeal on Instagram. She passionately endorses brands like Myntra, Hershey’s, and Cadbury Daily Milk Silk, offering free fashion tips to her followers. With great fashion sense and posed pictures, she inspires followers to enhance their style. Follow her for regular fashion inspiration and to elevate your wardrobe game.

8.Mayur Valkunde :@mayurvalkunde

   Followers :260K

   Instagram :

Intro :Mayur Valkunde, a prominent male influencer from Pune, is known for his lifestyle and property reviews. With a YouTube following of over 70k, he shares insights on living in Pune and Mumbai. As a respected blogger, he offers valuable perspectives on various aspects of lifestyle and property, catering to a wide audience base.

9.Payal Dalwani :@payal_dalwani

   Followers :10.8K

   Instagram :

Intro :Payal Dalwani, based in Pune, is a versatile digital creator focusing on food, lifestyle, and travel content. She’s actively building @mayaskitchenpune and advocates for various causes. Born in June, she adds a unique flair to her content, attracting a diverse audience with her engaging posts and advocacy work.

10.Dhruva Gandhi :@iamdhruvagandhi

      Followers :14.5K

      Instagram :

Intro :Dhruva Gandhi, a prominent influencer from Pune, specializes in creating mini vlogs and lifestyle reels. Despite having a full-time job, she dedicates herself to content creation. With over 7k followers on YouTube and a focus on lifestyle content, she offers insights into her life in Pune. She’s also engaged to @iamkunalvaishnav, adding another dimension to her content.

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