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Top 10 Retail Influencers and Bloggers

1.Shyamal & Bhumika :@shyamalbhumika

Followers :1.3M

Instagram :

Intro :The Ahmedabad duo, since 2000, celebrates Indian heritage through bridal shopping assistance, showcasing vibrant designs that embody the essence of India with fabric, handicrafts, and embroidery, reflecting our roots.

2.Pari Choudhary :@iparichoudhary

Followers : 105K


Intro :Pari embarked on her retail journey in 2016, emphasizing ethnicity. She created an affordable brand catering to women’s ethnic wear needs and has now expanded to include stunning jewelry and handmade jutis, promising a standout style.

3.Nandini N :@nandini_interiordesign

Followers :183K


Intro :With dreams in her eyes and hope towering like skyscrapers, she founded a firm to help people transform houses into homes. She epitomizes the retailing experience, bringing your vibe to your living space. For a glimpse of your envisioned surroundings, visit her Instagram handle!

4.YashTV :@yashtv555

Followers :320K


Intro :In times when technology fails us and manuals are absent, influencers like Yash step in to educate us on basics. From understanding stocks and market dynamics to deciphering budgets, Yash provides clear explanations, leaving no question unanswered.

5.Nidhi Katiyar :@nidhi.167

Followers :66K

Instagram :

Intro :In the crowded skincare and makeup industry, Nidhi Katiyar stands out by prioritizing your skin’s needs over sales pitches. As a retail influencer and beauty blogger, her journey inspires, captivating audiences with her refreshing simplicity.

6.Raveena :@raveenataurani

Followers :27.7K


Intro :In India, where values and religion thrive, plant-based food consumption exceeds many nations. Raveena, a certified raw chef specializing in plant-based cuisine, guides you on a transformative journey of emotional healing through nourishing food, enriching both mind and body.

7.Swati Agarwal :@swatitheactor

Followers :45K


Intro :In moments of body dysmorphia, our attitude becomes crucial for healing. Swati Aggarwal, a plus-size model, embraces her curves and inspires others to do the same, promoting self-acceptance.

8.Bhuvan Bam:@youthiapamachaao

Followers :147K

Instagram :

Intro :Bhuvan Bam, Indian YouTuber and influencer, launched his Youthiapa label in 2017, offering merchandise inspired by his popular YouTube channel, BB Ki Vines. With products like T-shirts and phone covers featuring his iconic characters and catchphrases, he showcases how influencers can create lucrative businesses aligned with their audience.

9.Prajakta Koli :@mostlysane

Followers :7.9M

Instagram :

Intro :Prajakta Koli, known for her YouTube channel MostlySane, launched a successful merchandise collection in 2021, featuring T-shirts, hoodies, and more adorned with her signature catchphrases and graphics. With collaborations and limited-edition collections, she continues to leverage her massive following of seven million YouTube subscribers and five million Instagram followers.

10.Diksha Khurana :@deeeclothing

Followers :36.8K

Instagram :

Intro :Diksha Khurana, aka Dolly Singh, runs Deeclothing, a unisex home clothing brand featuring a range of comfortable wear like t-shirts, hoodies, and joggers. With her vibrant personality and diverse talents, she’s captivating the internet. Discover her #comfortisthenewcool collection on Instagram and her website.

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