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Top 10 Luxury Influencers and Bloggers

1.Masoom Minawala Mehta :@masoomminawala

Followers :1.4M

Instagram :

Intro :Masoom Minawala Mehta, owner of ‘Miss Style Fiesta’ on Instagram, is a popular fashion influencer known for her affordable yet luxurious fashion choices. With over 1.2 million followers and a 1.3% engagement rate, she collaborates with top brands like Vero Moda and Dior. Featured in Vogue and other magazines, Masoom inspires with her unique content.

2.Diipa Büller-Khosla : @diipakhosla

Followers :2.1M

Instagram :

Intro : Diipa Khosla, owner of Inde Wild US, boasts 1.7 million Instagram followers. Beyond her influencer status, she’s a dedicated mother, making waves globally. Her Cannes appearance post-childbirth inspires women worldwide. Married to diplomat Olleg Buller, her family reels are delightful. Featured on Grazia India’s #GraziaCoolList 2022, she collaborates with top brands like Louis Vuitton and Victoria’s Secret.

3.Juhi Godambe Jain :@juhigodambe

Followers : 551K

Instagram :

Intro :Juhi Godambe, owner of Arabella fashion brand, embraces life to the fullest. With 517K followers and a 1.68% engagement rate, her Instagram showcases perfection. She shares top fashion trends and collaborations with brands like Chanel and L’Oreal Paris. Don’t miss her wedding makeup by her parents – it’s adorable!

4.Natasha Luthra :@natasha.luthra

Followers :327K

Instagram :

Intro :Natasha, an Indian luxury lifestyle influencer, covers fashion, travel, beauty, lifestyle, and luxury on her Instagram profile. With an MBA in Finance, she excels in influencer marketing, boasting 267K followers and high engagement. Brands like L’Oreal Paris and Fab India collaborate with her. Don’t miss her for stunning outfit ideas and more!

5.Aashna Shroff :@aashnashroff

Followers : 1M

Instagram :

Intro :Aashna’s Instagram, a testament to her passion for lifestyle and fashion, boasts 931K followers and steady growth. She also manages ‘The Snob Home’ for home decor. Despite challenges, she perseveres. With an average of 11.7K likes per post, she collaborates with brands like Louis Vuitton and Dior. Keep inspiring, Aashna!

6.Niki Mehra Madan :@nikimehra

Followers :529K

Instagram :

Intro :Niki Mehra, a luxury lifestyle influencer in India, shines on Instagram with 452k followers. Her unique hashtags like #Hackbyniki and #NMRethinks set her apart. From childhood dreams to success, she inspires followers with her wedding pictures and outfits. Collaborations with brands like Fabindia and Bata India showcase her influence. Don’t miss her IG page for inspiration!

7.Kompal Matta Kapoor :@kompalmattakapoor

Followers :363K

Instagram :

Intro :Kompal Matta Kapoor’s Instagram is all about travel and couple goals, perfectly matching the vibe of the song ‘Couple Goals’ from Bandish Bandits. With 341K followers and a 3.8% engagement rate, she collaborates with luxury brands like Gucci and Daniel Wellington. Don’t miss her IG feed for travel inspiration!

8.Prerna Goel :@prernastylefile

Followers :88.5K

Instagram :

Intro :Prerna Goel, a prominent luxury lifestyle influencer in India on Instagram, is known for her impeccable styling and entrepreneurship. Collaborating with brands like Raw Mango and Tiffany and Co., she inspires her 47.1K followers with luxury fashion tips. With strong engagement and growing popularity, she’s definitely on the rise!

9.Rizwan Bachav : @rizwanbachav

Followers :133K

Instagram :

Intro :Rizwan Bachav, awarded ‘Male Influencer of the Year 2021-22’ by Parcos, challenges female influencers with his luxury lifestyle content. With 119K followers, he shares insights on cars, watches, real estate, sneakers, and fragrances. Collaborations with brands like Louis Vuitton and Dior showcase his influence. Don’t miss his IGTV videos for product reviews!

10.Rij Eappen :@kingofclubsin

Followers :206K

Instagram :

Intro :Rij’s Instagram profile, with 30.6K followers, embodies the ‘Live Life King Size’ mantra. Specializing in male fashion, high-end product reviews, cars, and finance, his feed is a blend of fashion, lifestyle, and helpful tips. Collaborations with brands like Pure Nutrition and Nyka Man highlight his influence. Don’t miss his fashion ideas and workout tutorials!

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