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Top 10 Management Influencers and Bloggers

1.Ankur Warikoo 

Followers: 2,259,251

Linkedin :

Intro :Ankur Warikoo, a multi-talented leader in entrepreneurship, authorship, and education, gained prominence as CEO of Groupon and Nearbuy. He’s recognized as a top influencer, featured in Fortune’s 40 under 40 and Forbes’ Top 100 digital creators for 2022.

2.Harjeet Khanduja 

Followers :220,632

Linkedin :

Intro :Harjeet is a versatile genius excelling in HR for top corporations across various industries. He’s a published author, TEDx speaker, and contributor to renowned publications. Also known as the “RK Laxman of Business,” he’s a top 10 Indian business influencer on LinkedIn, celebrated poet, and inventive mind.

3.Mehar Sindhu Batra

Followers : 23,124

Linkedin :

Intro :Mehar Sindhu Batra, a prominent Indian business influencer, excels in management, consulting, and growth strategy. Her platform, MSB Vision, on Instagram and YouTube, garners a significant following. She’s a sought-after mentor in the industry, leveraging her insights and expertise.

4.Anooja Bashir

Followers :22,762 

Linkedin :

Intro :Anooja Bashir, a dynamic entrepreneur and advocate for women’s empowerment, is a seasoned CEO with over 20 years of corporate experience in India and GCC countries. She’s renowned for her role as a brand custodian, marketing strategist, and business coach. Anooja has successfully launched two startups, Ourea and Flexicloud, and PocketCFO, providing top-notch services globally, earning her numerous accolades.

5.Palak Rathi

Followers :64,553

Linkedin :

Intro :Palak Rathi, a chartered accountant, leverages her expertise in audit and taxation to fuel her passion for content creation. Leading CreateX, she empowers aspiring creators through education and monetization support. Recognized among India’s top 200 creators, she’s part of LinkedIn’s inaugural Creators Accelerator Program.

6.Shivangi Narula

Followers :186,179

Linkedin :

Intro :Shivangi Narula is a versatile professional excelling in corporate training, communication coaching, leadership, and soft skills training. She’s also an IELTS trainer, aiding individuals in pursuing opportunities abroad. Additionally, she’s a content creator and Instagram influencer.


Followers : 28,803

Linkedin :

Intro :Abhay K. Jain, a visionary businessman, and educator is revolutionizing education as the dynamic chairman and managing director of Virtual Voyage. His bold approach and unwavering determination inspire us all.

8.Hansi Mehrotra

Followers :278,941 

Linkedin :

Intro :Hansi Mehrotra, founder and editor of Money Management India, is India’s leading expert on individual wealth. Her innovative financial content has made her a standout authority in the field.

9.Jaspreet Bindra

Followers :40,212

Linkedin :

Intro :Jaspreet Bindra, founder of Tech Whisperer Ltd, is a renowned expert in digital transformation. With deep knowledge in blockchain, web 3, and AI, his best-selling book “The Tech Whisperer” solidifies him as a go-to source. His executive experience at Mahindra, Microsoft, and eBay India offers invaluable insights for businesses in the digital realm

10.Aditya Mahajan

Followers : 1,797 

Linkedin :

Intro :Experienced Sales & Marketing professional in Healthcare Industry, adept in over 5 specialties and multiple leadership roles. Overseeing annual business volume of 140 Cr, with a track record of successful specialty launches and P&L management for profitability and productivity.

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